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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Password Resetter?
Password Resetter is a software utility used to remove a Windows user password in case it is forgotten or unknown. This saves the time consuming and costly process of reformatting the hard drive and losing all your valuable data.

How many times can I use Password Resetter?
Password Resetter can be used as many times as you need to.

Will this reset my administrator password?
Yes, it will reset the Administrator password as well as any other user passwords you want to remove.

Which Windows versions are supported?
Currently we support Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows Vista and Windows 7

Do I need programming knowledge in order to use Password Resetter?
No. Password Resetter is fully user friendly with Graphical User Interface and everyone can use it without any problems. In the download package you can also find step by step picture tutorial which will help you with any problems you have.

Are there any additional costs that I need to consider?
No. Once downloaded you get lifetime license and lifetime upgrades. Our technical support is also here to help you for free with any questions you might have 24/7

My CD drive won't boot, what do I do?
Most computers are set to automatically check the CD drive for a boot disc before moving on to the hard drive. In the case that your computer is not set this way already, you will need to change the boot priority in your system BIOS. This is not as scary as it sounds and our instructions give you information on changing this as well.

Does this really work?
Absolutely! You're probably thinking, "can it be this easy"? Yes it can! Microsoft could provide this solution, but they won't. They will tell you that you will have to reformat your whole computer (reinstall Windows and lose your data). This is not true! All you have to do is use Password Resetter and remove your password in simple easy steps.

“Last night, my wife decided she needed a password for her XP laptop (this is after using it for 2 years without a password). Today when she powered it up, guess what? Wrong password. I found your software which helped me unlock her account in just a few minutes. Thanks a lot for making this awesome software!”
-- Jake, London UK

“I reset my vista password about a month ago before going on vacation. I didn’t need the password for an entire month until last night and I could NOT remember it for a life of me. Found Password Resetter and within 5 min I was back in! Amazing! Kinda scary that it works as well as it does!”
-- Edward, Newcastle UK

“The first review I’ve written for anything but just wanted to say how fantastic and easy this product was to use. I’m not technicaly minded or anything but was able to follow the steps listed and was able to reset my Windows 7 password in under 5 minutes. Thank you, you have helped me so much.”
-- Diana, Washington DC USA

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