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How often do you forget your passwords?

In the 21st century people need to remember a lot of security information: email password, windows password, mobile phone PIN, credit card PIN, security numbers...

The list gets longer and longer!

With Password Resetter half of your worries are gone. Password Resetter allows you anytime, anywhere to reset your Windows password. You don't have to know the old passwords anymore. You don't have to spend more money on technicians spending hours to reset your Windows password. With this simple software package resetting your password is just a click away.

Password Resetter is simple to use, with a friendly graphical interface. The most important thing is that Password Resetter is safe!

It does your computer no harm at all and simply allows you to continue with your work!

To get started, you need to download the Password Resetter software.

The package contains everything you need to have in order to reset your password.

After downloading it the software automatically creates your bootable USB or CD and copies all the files. You just have to sit back and enjoy.

Then just simply start the program and the password resetting will begin. It will locate users on your Windows system and begin resetting their password.

The process is automatic - you don't usually need to type or click anything.

When the password is reset, the Windows system restarts itself and you can log in with no password.

Buy Now

The original Password Resetter software and guide is currently on a 40% discount specially for only $34.99, as opposed to our regular price of $59.95

You are about to get instant access to the ultimate product that will reset your Windows password in JUST 3 easy steps!

We offer 24-hour technical support should you have any questions regarding your purchase. Our regular price will return soon, so don`t hesitate, get the Password Resetter today!

Personal Edition

* Disclaimer: Persons used in this videos are actors and the stories that are given are NOT fictional and are based on true testimonials given by our customers.

“Last night, my wife decided she needed a password for her XP laptop (this is after using it for 2 years without a password). Today when she powered it up, guess what? Wrong password. I found your software which helped me unlock her account in just a few minutes. Thanks a lot for making this awesome software!”
-- Jake, London UK

“I reset my vista password about a month ago before going on vacation. I didn’t need the password for an entire month until last night and I could NOT remember it for a life of me. Found Password Resetter and within 5 min I was back in! Amazing! Kinda scary that it works as well as it does!”
-- Edward, Newcastle UK

“The first review I’ve written for anything but just wanted to say how fantastic and easy this product was to use. I’m not technicaly minded or anything but was able to follow the steps listed and was able to reset my Windows 7 password in under 5 minutes. Thank you, you have helped me so much.”
-- Diana, Washington DC USA

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